Whereas physics is defined to be the science of matter and energy and the interaction between the two, abstraphysics (coined for the first time in this article) is a field of science that takes into account the interaction of matter, energy and the mind. The mind is the intelligent creative agent and source of information.

The genius of the first verse in the Bible captures the key elements of abstraphysics.

In the beginning (Time), God (Mind) created (Energy) the heavens (Space) and the earth (Matter).

The mind is what directs energy and matter towards being arranged for a meaningful purpose – such as self-perpetuating/replicating living organisms, embedded with information-packed DNA as the blueprint at its very core.

A simple analogy to convincing oneself of the mandatory existence of a mind behind anything we can judge to be complex is in Japanese origami.


An origami craft like that of a square piece of paper folded to form a flapping bird (any shape as long as symmetric with a head, a tail and two wings) is accepted to be made by a mind. No one in his right mind would think it to be the product of random forces of nature like the wind blowing on a piece of paper along a rocky hill. No matter how much time (a million, a billion years) is given, no one will accept that the forces of nature can ever form such a neatly symmetrically shaped piece of art.

If we cannot believe it to be plausible for a piece of origami art, how much more can we think the very same dumb natural forces can come up with the building blocks of life, the complexity of the human brain, and the wonder of the sensors we have in our five senses.


The microscope that has allowed man to look into the cell and DNA, and the telescope that has allowed man to see far away galaxies are the very pointers to the Almighty Creator. It was as if scientists in the search for the truth hit a brick wall when they discovered the DNA and the trillions of stars at both ends of the dimensional spectrum. And on that wall were the fingerprints of God. Charles Darwin did not have the privilege of seeing through the lenses we have available today; if he only knew what we know now, he would never have postulated such a nonsensical theory for the origin of life.

Humanity in all its technological achievements and prowess can boast of supersonic jets, microprocessor-embedded smart phones, and movies made with stunning realistic digital 3D graphics. But all these are just Lego blocks in comparison with the technology of God in the embryo or the seed which is light-years beyond what our minds can even imagine.

If even the most hardened atheist like Richard Dawkins will just sit down and honestly contemplate on the sound logic behind this argument, it will turn him towards the journey of searching for the identity of this Creator, rather than arguing if He even exists.

It is built into the very core of every person’s spirit to realize that there must be a Creator God.

The reason why the God of heaven and earth does not show himself as a huge being of light shining in the sky is because – even if he did, hardened sinners will still not believe in him. He did the very same thing during the exodus of Israel from Egypt, and that generation was wiped out for their unbelief, with only Joshua and Caleb leading the next generation into the promised land.

And even in this day and age, if we did see an image of God in the sky, we would be quick to dismiss it to be an illusion made by light projection technology hidden in the background.

Coming to know that a God exists is just the first step on the journey to finally going home to be with God, the origin of life. Identifying which religion is right is yet another fork on the road to the truth.

If you were born to a Muslim family in Pakistan, you would naturally be a believer in Allah, Mohammad and the Koran. But we need to ask the “what if” question. What if you were born instead to Christians in Scotland? Would you not in like manner be a Christian? We cannot choose our parents, but we can still choose what we believe in. What if the religion our parents chose or was born into was the wrong one and was actually a road away from the truth?

It is said that there are three major choices in life: what will be your vocation? who will you marry? and what will be your religion? The last one has eternal consequences as it can spell the destiny of our eternal souls after life on earth. One cannot afford to risk making a mistake on the last question. We need to know the truth. All these religions cannot be all true simultaneously since they have conflicting claims. Islam in the Koran claims that the Christ did not die, whereas the Christian Gospels claim that Jesus Christ did die and rose again, as attested by the first witnesses.

Laws of Abstraphysics

There are three fundamental laws of abstraphysics:

1. Any system that is characterized by functional bilateral symmetry on a macroscopic level is a product of a mind. The same applies for a set of two entities that can be mated together.

The example of this is the origami of a flapping bird with two wings. The closest thing to bilateral macroscopic symmetry produced by natural forces apart from a mind that we can think of is that of a snowflake pattern. We can explain the symmetric pattern to be due to the hexagonal molecular structure of ice, but a snow flake does not show functionality. Thus a mind is not needed in the formation of a snowflake, but a mind will be needed for the formation of a beetle’s body because a body has functional symmetry.


2.  A decrease in entropy (measure of chaos/disorder) in a component of a closed system can only be achieved by a machine or mechanism that was designed by a mind.

An example of such a machine would be a refrigerator, which can segregate cold air from hot (movement away from the natural tendency of hot air to move to cold regions); it is a product of a mind which conceptualized the cycle for pumping heat out using freon alternating between liquid and gaseous states.


Thus the mechanism of photosynthesis, which brings about a reduction in entropy in plants, can only be the product of an intelligent mind.

The only reason why cities are improved through the years is because of minds and mind-created machines directing the movement towards more and more order. Without the mind, the flow against the natural “river” of matter and energy moving towards degradation and greater disorder cannot be achieved.

No amount of adding heat and light energy into a subsystem will bring about order. Wind, rain, and sunlight will peel of the paint on your car, make the plastic brittle and crumble, and cause the metal to rust. A mind has to introduce a machine into the system (like a car washer/waxing machine) to prevent decay.

The existence of the machine can only be attributed to a mind, which serves as the creative source. Science will show that no machine has ever been formed by simple natural processes apart from a mind.

3. Information can only have its ultimate origin from a mind.

Information is any code that is written, stored, transmitted and deciphered (interpreted/read) among entities. A mind is responsible for coding the information, and a mind is also behind the agreed language or framework the information is to be represented. The interpreter (aka receiver) therefore complies to the language in order to get meaning from the original information coded by the source.

This is so beautifully demonstrated in the information coded in the DNA double helix, which is transmitted by messenger RNA to the ribosomes (interpreter) that execute the commands to form the correct functional proteins of every part of an organism’s body, such as hands, eyes, bones, and blood vessels.


As Kirk Cameron (Way of the Master) once summed it in a debate: nature can produce patterns (like ripple patterns on the sand of a seashore), but it cannot produce information (such as the words “John loves Mary” written on the sand).

Information can almost be thought of to be spiritual in the sense that a blank DVD will gain no additional weight after we load onto it a 2-hour movie. Information, having no mass, cannot be synthesized by dumb natural forces/processes in the physical world, which can only interact with matter (mass) and energy. Information can only take on meaning in the field of abstraphysics, where the mind is recognized as an integral part and key player in the entire system.

Just these three laws already prove the existence of the Ultimate Supreme Mind we call God.

The Giant Magical Pot

We all know that a frog can never turn into a prince, and that such an idea is just the subject of children’s fantasy stories. But recent scientists have led millions to believe that it is now a reality by replacing the fairy’s wand in the story with the new magic element called time.

Do you really think time is that powerful and intelligent?


Imagine if the entire universe long ago was contained in a giant pot, as concentrated mass in the center. We then put the cover on the pot so we wouldn’t see what’s going on inside. However, at some point we heard a big loud bang from inside the pot, but still we kept the cover closed.

We waited for a million years, then hundreds of millions of years, then billions of years, and finally we had enough of waiting – so we decided to open the cover. I put my hand inside the pot, and reaching deep within I pull out an object: a Boing 787 Dreamliner jet plane! Then I pull out another object and find an iPad tablet PC with a movie playing on the screen! Finally I pull out one more object and find a 24-volume encyclopedia!


With no mind stepping in and manipulating the contents of the closed pot, how could such objects of intelligence get formed? Just by waiting for a long period of time? is it really possible? Think about it.

But this is the type of magical story scientists are asking us to believe. It takes more faith to believe in such a fairy tale than to postulate that a mind stepped into the system to bring about order, design, and information.

Is God physical? 

Most scientists confine themselves to physical reality. Anything outside this realm is considered unscientific. Therefore science is only a subset of reality – concerning itself with physical entities and phenomena. Naturally, science cannot account for the things that are unseen.

Being unseen does not necessarily mean it does not exist. Open a dictionary and roughly half of the words you will encounter are actually non-physical in nature. Nonetheless, these non-physical words correspond to a reality that we all know to exist, value and experience.

Love, justice, greed, contentment, happiness, courage, nationalism, peace, excellence, and precision are all real and exist in this world, and very much a part of our lives. They can even be more real and powerful than physical forces and the material world. Just look at the world wars fueled by intangibles like hatred, nationalism, and domination, which have in turn propelled advancements in the field of military technology.

To think that only the physical world matters is to deny half of the reality that influences our lives. These non-physical constructs and concepts exist in the plane of abstraction, in contrast to the physical plane. The mind also resides in the abstraction plane. The mind, just like information, has no mass or stored energy. It is not directly orchestrated by the natural physical world of matter and energy. Force = mass x acceleration. Without inherent mass or energy, an entity cannot be manipulated by physical forces like electrical, gravitational, nuclear forces or the conversion from one form of energy to the other.

Matter and energy belong to the physical plane. Einstein gave the matter – energy equivalence in his famous E=mc^2 formula, ushering in the atomic and nuclear age. This means that not only can energy be transformed to another form, but matter can also be converted to energy, showing that these two reside in the same plane of existence. But the plane of the mind and of abstraction (thoughts and ideas) resides in a different level. In fact it is in a higher level in that it is usually what inspires, drives and orchestrates the physical realm to take on a certain shape and direction.

Look at the world around you – in your house or when you walk in the city. Almost all that you see (smart phone, table, bicycle, store, side walks, clothes, car) originated from a mind in the plane of abstraction. All of these were first conceptualized in the non-physical realm. Despite that fact that it is a non-physical entity, the mind is real and makes itself evident through its creations and effects on the physical world.

Most people have a misconception that the brain is equivalent to the mind. However, as software (operating system, applications, programs) and hardware (microprocessor, memory, user interfaces) in computers are distinct realms, likewise the mind and the brain are so related.


When a computer is re-formatted by erasing its hard drive, we basically remove the “mind” of the computer.  When a person dies, the mind leaves the physical body (the brain). Apart from the mind-part of these systems, the physical part is rendered practically useless.

The question is – can the mind exist apart from a physical brain? Recently, we have had a surge of accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) that attest to the fact of consciousness outside a living body. Almost to the point of being scientifically and repeatedly verifiable, NDE survivors have come back with accounts and information that corroborate with physical reality and events that transpired during the state that the body and brain were supposed to be dead and unconscious.

We are certain that the mind exists. And there is much evidence that it survives physical death and exists in a different plane. The only way we can ascertain that it exists is its influence on the physical world of matter and energy.

If our science cannot account for the formation of complex information-loaded living organisms, then the only explanation is that a mind was the source, as expressed in the three laws of abstraphysics; the complexity originates from the abstraction plane. The scientific method can be used in abstraphysics. We can postulate that to create a functionally complex system, a mind is needed – just like the example of an origami. This can be proven repeatedly. We cannot find origami created by the physical forces of nature alone. Origami can only be produced by minds. Therefore, we can easily extrapolate that biological organisms are also a product of a non-physical mind.

Rather than asking if there was a mind behind the design, we must be asking who’s mind was behind it all. The three major monotheistic religions of the world point to an Almighty Creator God as the ultimate mind. There are other religions that ascribe creation to a host of other gods and goddesses, but ultimately it is the religion that can demonstrate the true God through signs, wonders, fulfilled prophecy, and miracles that can hold claim to the truth. Investigating whether this Mind was that of an alien from outer space or a flying spaghetti monster would be a waste of time, but you are welcome to investigate this angle just to rule them out.

Zaxxuns believe in God, the ultimate Mind, as much as they believe in the existence of human minds. You are encouraged to do further research, comparing religions and settling in your inner being whose mind had brought about life in our world. And as creationist proponent Kent Hovind would say, “if there is a God, then we have to play by His rules”.

Where your mind will go for all eternity after physical death is a much weightier issue than the mundane things we are so busy with in life. Our goal is to align ourselves with the will of God who assembled this universe for a purpose. He will guide you to know the truth if you sincerely and persistently ask, seek and knock.

God is non-physical but he exists. He plainly tells man through his written word, the Bible, that he is spirit (non-physical, of the plane of mind and heart). You don’t need to be a physical entity to exist. You will understand this more fully after you die and shed off your physical coat called the body. Abstraphysical laws prove beyond a doubt a mind is behind creation. Don’t wait too long to settle this; your heartbeat is the countdown timer to the day we will have to face our Maker in judgement. So prepare to meet your God.

How about evolution?

A systematic demolition of biological evolution can be found in a link on creation science.

Macroscopic evolution in biological systems where one kind of animal transforms into a different kind through time is shown to not occur as evidenced by current scientific observations or in the fossil record. If such an evolution did occur, then fossils should have borne millions of grotesquely mangled lifeforms and transitional species halfway between two kinds hidden under the soil.


However, we do find evidence of evolution in the abstraction plane of the mind. Cities evolve, languages evolve, car and plane designs evolve. Humanity’s way of thinking and governance have evolved. Thus evolution is actually a natural phenomenon for minds, but it is not true for biological systems. Zaxxuns believe in evolution, but only in mind evolution.

Natural biological evolution is not scientific and is unsupported by facts. Zaxxuns only believe in what is logical and supported by evidence. Faith is needed to believe in God. But it takes so much more faith to believe in a big bang leading to living creatures without the aid of a superior intelligence, but merely through dumb natural forces and macroscopic evolution for which there is no evidence to have occurred. Darwinian evolution is a religion because it involves enormous faith. Zaxxuns adhere to the truth, and the truth points to intelligence-based creation. And as water seeks the lowest level to settle at, Zaxxuns will only settle for a theory that requires the least amount of faith to believe – as an explanation for the formation of life. Biological evolution is thrown out as a viable theory of life’s origin and must not be taught or assumed in any Zaxxun entity or institution.

The Zaxxun Team

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Long discussion, thanks for bearing with us. Let’s see if anything sunk in…

POP quiz: Does it take a mind to create a pair of mating bag fasteners (shown below)?

(A) Yes, a mind is needed to conceptualize and create them

(B) No, natural physical forces and processes can form them



You’re correct. The answer is (A), based on the first law of abstraphysics.

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