Service Robots

Zaxxun Servot Lineup

Zaxxun is a technology startup based in Metro Baguio, Philippines.

We introduced the first robot cafe in the Philippines, which offers a robot collection that guests can interact with. Zaxxun Robot Cafe allows customers a unique experience of not just dining in the foggy hills of Tuba, but also learning and appreciating the wonders of advanced technologies. 

Zaxxun also has a Techno Center in Baguio City. The center provides opportunities for learning robotics and automation through training workshops and kits, as well as conducts research and development in robotics and embedded systems. 

Please feel free to contact us through the respective sites of the Robot Cafe and Techno Center. 


Automated Locker – QR code access

Door Access

Automated Door Access Control

Robot Arms

Robot Arm for food serving

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