A Healthy Fear

It’s a brand new year! And we wish to face it with optimism and hope. Whatever our destination may be, we would like to get there. That’s the definition of success. Life is like a car running on four wheels. For the car to successfully get to its destination efficiently, all four wheels need to […]

Brands create jobs

The obvious strategy to addressing poverty in many third world or developing countries is to provide jobs to the people. Dole outs from the government in the form of free food or shelter are not sustainable. As it has been said “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a […]

Who Created God?

Okay, let’s touch on a topic that many atheists would like to have a satisfactory answer on – the question of who created God. In almost any debate pitting atheists against those who adhere to the existence of the Almighty Creator God, the atheist draws out his final Ace card on the question of God’s […]

Election time again

Election time – the season of so much frenzy over who to vote, and speculating on who would be more likely to win. Candidates are talk of the town, the topic of almost any conversation. It is also the season for campaigns, vote buying, posting faces on walls and billboards, bragging of accomplishments, mudslinging, and […]

Love your work

A poem that my mother used to post in our home goes… If you don’t like your work, You’ll need three times the energy: To force yourself to work, To resist the force, And finally to work… -H.L. Neri It’s Monday – one of the most dreaded days of the week, the day everyone has […]

The Best Things are Free


There has always been a prevailing view of success as being defined by the concept of ownership. Ned Dougherty in his book “Fast Lane to Heaven” said that prior to his death experience his motto was “He who dies with the most toys, wins!” But that all changed after his skirmish with the common enemy […]

The COD Life

Clean desk

Nope it’s not Cash on Delivery. COD represents “Clean, Orderly, Disciplined” – the lifestyle of the Zaxxun. One of the best ways to identify a Zaxxun is by looking at his/her desk. For a Zaxxun, the mind is represented by the desktop.  The desk reflects the state of mind of the person. A cluttered work […]

Vision 20/20

Staying fit and having a good physique speaks much about the type of mind you carry. Zaxxun stands for a mindset of discipline. And one of the best indicators of a disciplined man or woman is a person’s health and physical wellness. Zaxxun logic dictates that one should not take in more calories than he/she […]

Fundamentals of Graphics

Gaining new knowledge and skills is a good investment. As the Zaxxun Creed reverberates… “Knowledge is power”. Although a well known cliche, it is a tried and proven differentiator between the successful and the losers. Technology evolves at such a fast rate. The knowledge, skills and tools learned from a school will likely be obsolete a […]

Fundamentals of Logic (IF-THEN)

Did you know that many of the problems and predicaments people suffer in life can actually be avoided? However, we see a vast majority of humanity wallowing in their own self-inflicted miserable situations. Why do people endure so much unnecessary hardships when all it actually takes to avert  them is the simple application of just a […]

Dream Big! Think Big!

(Top image: The vision for Zaxxun Aerospace) Welcome to 2015! The year “Back to the Future 2”  time-traveled 25 years into the future to showcase amazing jaw-dropping wish-list technology. One of those technologies was that of flying cars. As anyone back in the 80’s would only see that to be wishful thinking – as products […]

Fall of the Twin Towers: 11/11

The double-x in Zaxxun stands for Zaxxun’s stand on stamping out the two roots of poverty: corruption and incompetence. They are the twin towers that have become rooted and established throughout many nations, organizations, and individuals. For a society to progress and come out of the rut, both need to be weeded out. The twin […]

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