Vision 20/20

Staying fit and having a good physique speaks much about the type of mind you carry. Zaxxun stands for a mindset of discipline. And one of the best indicators of a disciplined man or woman is a person’s health and physical wellness.

Zaxxun logic dictates that one should not take in more calories than he/she can burn. Otherwise, that unused energy will get stored as fat lining the belly or clogging arteries. Skipping meals just to stay lean may not always be in the best interest of the body on the whole, as this could lead to stomach ulcers. People just need to eat normally and flex their bodies – just as it was originally done from the beginning of creation by design.

Today’s modern lifestyle is usually characterized by less physical activity compared with the olden days of farming and physical manual labor. Many lead sedentary lives spending much of their time at work in front of a computer or doing paperwork, coming home seated in a car, then spending the evening  still seated with family over dinner or watching TV. The most they ever do resembling physical “exercise” is walking to and from their cars.

It’s about time we get some regular exercise; but how? We might as do well do away with new year’s resolutions – as by experience, none on the list ever gets past February. If one has a goal of getting fit, one has to take on a vision of how they see their bodies in the near future.

At Zaxxun, we believe that the mind is powerful. What religious circles call “faith” is nothing more than imagining or holding a mental picture. If you see yourself to have abs like these guys do, then it all starts with a picture in the mind.

As you can tell, nothing is impossible to anyone who believes. These guys had faith, and were actually exercising it together with their bodies.


At Zaxxun, our proposal for a physical workout starts with creating a vision of what type of body you want, and then pressing hard on a daily basis to get to that goal.

The hard part is the daily disciple to stay on track. So the following is a simple technique devised to get you there.

1. Get a monthly calendar that can be kept on display in your home.

2. Do 20 repetitions each of an exercise for both left and right sides of the body. For example, lifting weights / dumbbells.

3.  Recite the entire Zaxxun Creed once for each set of repetitions – one phrase per repetition. This entails breaking the Creed into 20 parts.

4. For each day you complete your routine, write “20/20” on that day of the calendar.

This method shoots 2 birds with one stone:

a. You get to exercise regularly.

b. You get to memorize the Zaxxun Creed, making it sink into your mind all the more.

Soon you will be seeing each day consistently filled with 20/20. The idea is not to design a routine that is not realistic. Staying simple as 20 dumbbells with Zaxxun Creed on left arm +  20 dumbbells with Zaxxun Creed on right arm is better than an ambitious program that only creates a blazing trail at the start, just to die out in a few weeks.

Who knows, you could be the next success story.

Press hard towards the goal!