Fundamentals of Graphics

Gaining new knowledge and skills is a good investment. As the Zaxxun Creed reverberates… “Knowledge is power”. Although a well known cliche, it is a tried and proven differentiator between the successful and the losers.

Technology evolves at such a fast rate. The knowledge, skills and tools learned from a school will likely be obsolete a few years after graduation.  The job market has become so competitive that it pays to have a resume armed with a good variety of arsenal. It is also likely that you’ll find yourself mis-employed: ending up in a vocation off the line of training you took up in College.

In this post, we would like to feature  a specialization that may be of interest to those who would rather have their creative talents put to good use. This is the field of 3D graphics and animation.

I took a book off the shelf of a bookstore lately and had a high-school student try it out. In just two ~2-hour sessions, viola: this robot came out – all done from scratch using the free 3D software tool called Blender. The next chapter of the book would deal with animation.

3D graphics/animation is a great equalizer for less fortunate people who have little education or resources to get training. It can be easily self-taught, just by following a tutorial, book, or internet site. Yet the resulting output can be stunning after just  a few sessions of self-study.

No programming skill is required, but just requiring selection from menus that are quite intuitive and memorizing some short-cut keys to make one’s work more efficient. The rest is mostly just fiddling around with the mouse.

To come to think of it, a lot of people go day-in day-out to a job they don’t necessarily like. If it’s being a clerk, a bus driver, a janitor, or a security guard, there is very little fulfillment. This is because humans are naturally created to be creative – to use our minds to imagine and bring these to reality.

It is difficult to bring something to physical reality. It requires physical raw materials, tools and equipment, and often hard manual labor in the process. But the world of 3D graphics requires much less resources to bring an idea into virtual reality. All you need is a computer with the software tool – which often can be freeware like Blender and Sketchup.

One of Zaxxun’s core ideas is the field of abstraphysics. Man’s creations always start in the mind. 3D graphical tools are key to bringing our imaginations to life. It is also a powerful communicator – because a picture esp. a moving one “says a thousand words”.

Time is gold. To people who have nothing better to do than waste other people’s time and resources (such as blowing up oneself amidst a crowd to gain paradise, robbing cell phones for a living, or rebelling against the imperfect government by taking up arms), try gaining a skill like graphics design for a change, and contribute to the GNP. Print out and sell an original 3D graphics shirt design and you could have a business going for you. Note: “Life is good” which started selling shirts is now a mutli-million dollar business.

Content and media nowadays are the cash cows of many businesses. Movies, books and magazines rake in millions from consumers with a world-wide market.

In Japan, manga (comics) and animation are big industries, employing a huge chunk of the populace. Architects require graphics to sell their design ideas…


Graphics propels current technology further into the future.,,


The future is now. Be a part of cashing in on this creative and fulfilling area of 3D visualization. There’s a ton of work and loads of opportunities awaiting you. Your imagination is the limit.

Advanced Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

Andy Philips | 2015-0211