Fall of the Twin Towers: 11/11

The double-x in Zaxxun stands for Zaxxun’s stand on stamping out the two roots of poverty: corruption and incompetence. They are the twin towers that have become rooted and established throughout many nations, organizations, and individuals. For a society to progress and come out of the rut, both need to be weeded out. The twin towers must fall.

Imagine trying to fill a basket full of holes with rice grains. You will only exhaust yourself trying just to find your efforts have all gone to waste. Corruption is like a leaking faucet or an inefficient overheating engine dripping oil & coolant and leaking gasoline. A corrupted system run by corrupt and incompetent minds cannot bring it to reach the goal.

Corruption and incompetence have been the cause of much suffering and misery throughout history. To end the downward spiral towards further degradation in a society, the people must learn to choose their leaders. Leaders serve as the role models that society looks up to; they set the standard. A change of leadership has to take place.

A question every voter has to consider is the following: Should I vote for the popular good-looking candidate who is know for buying votes and accepting bribes and kickbacks? Or should I vote for the one who embodies the Zaxxun creed? A society only gets what it deserves. If they elect a corrupt incompetent leader, they reap for themselves the poverty and misery that go with their foolish choice.

It is high time for the populace to start thinking more seriously about the common good – which is actually for their own good. It is quite easy to distinguish the Zaxxuns among candidates, from those
who are not. If there is smoke, there must be a fire. Scandal tainted individuals should be marked out. Everything will eventually be exposed esp. with today’s hyperactive news and social network media.


The flick sign serves as the symbol of every Zaxxun’s desire to see every persistently corrupt and incompetent leader fall by the hand of the Almighty. The flick sign also represents the mighty Triceratops – out to charge against relentless tyrants who rule with corruption and incompetence.


Zaxxuns are rebels in a way – as they go against the norm of letting corruption and incompetence get by.  Zero tolerance for corruption and incompetence is the mindset that Zaxxuns hold. Those who pretend to be Zaxxuns but are not shall be exposed to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Let’s flash out the flick sign as a call for everyone to unite against the corrupt and incompetent. Let’s call people to join in on the next revolution. 11/11 commemorates Zaxxun Day or Double-X day: the
day to raise the banner symbolizing the fall and stamping out of twin towers of Corruption and Incompetence throughout the land. To commemorate this day, all are called to make a united outcry of the
Zaxxun Creed where ever they may be. Remember that words are alive, and unity is a fortress. Change will soon break out like the dawn of a new day, by the hand of the Almighty.


  1. If you like to see your taxes go into the pockets of traditional politicians then go ahead and vote for them. But don’t come back complaining why your roads are half done.

    1. Problem is: the money that should have been allotted to finish off the road was used to make a giant billboard saying “Project of Governor XXX”. Politicians know how to play the game of using the people’s taxes to their advantage without getting caught. So sad.

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