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Zaxxun is a multi-faceted world-wide movement for the eradication of corruption and incompetence at all levels of society through the the revolution of the mind.

We recognize that the problems that plague our societies, environments, and lives (crime, hunger, war, corrupt leadership, pollution, traffic,..) have their root in the broken mindset of a vast majority of the people on this planet.

The strategy for effecting this change in mindset in people is through the maximum public awareness of the Zaxxun Creed, which encapsulates the core values and ideals of order, integrity and excellence.


One method of doing this is through the Zaxxun open brand, a brand name that can be freely adopted by any organization. The Zaxxun seal in parallel serves as a symbol of the Zaxxun mindset. It too can be freely used by any entity that has taken on the Zaxxun Creed as a core mindset.

This site Zaxxun.com is likewise a primary vehicle for maximum public awareness. Here, we flesh out the details of how the Zaxxun Creed can be further understood, extended and applied. This site is packed with novel ideas on how to bring the Zaxxun revolution to the people around you.

So if you’re fed up with the corruption that surrounds you, if you feel the need for honest and effective leadership in your organization, community or country, if you seek to move on to the next level towards outstanding performance as an individual or group, then you have come to the right place.

Start becoming a catalyst of change by deciding to take on the Zaxxun mindset. If you truly take on the Zaxxun Creed as a core lifestyle in both your personal life and in your organization or company, you will begin to see the difference and freedom of being “airborne” like an eagle.

Come and be a part of bringing about much needed positive change. Be a Zaxxun!


Zaxxun International

Established Tokyo | 2014-11-11

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  1. I might need your help in continuing Jesus’ work in the Philippines. I might face danger but its all fine. All I’m I’m going to do is share and teach and correct my country men then inspire and motivate them to be infinite 😉

    1. Welcome aboard Apprentice! That’s exactly the mission of this entire movement. Jesus’ work has been in freeing people from their slavery; and here at Zaxxun, we believe one of the greatest prisons is the twisted illogical mind that has especially plagued many developing countries and has hampered the people from truly reaching their full potential. Feel free to use the information on this site to teach and correct those around you. It is said that the best teacher is one who can not only communicate knowledge, but moreover can inspire his students to be like him/her.

      One strategy that we are promoting is the OUTLET Assembly (http://zaxxun.com/events/). It’s an informal gathering which can be a good alternative to traditional church meetings. May God empower and protect you on your mission to fix minds in the Philippines. Please keep us posted.

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