Zaxxun OUTLET Assembly (once a month)

This is an OUTdoor assembly of about a dozen people to talk about Life in English over Tea. People need an outlet. Unlike in most gatherings like churches, all the talk is done by the minister, with minimal chances for people to exercise their gifts and express themselves. In many non-western countries, people also need an opportunity to practice their English. The idea is minimal preparation – so simple tea will do.

  • Post your meeting details online. Meet at a nearby park for about 2-3 hours.
  • Do an ice breaker for group dynamics to get to know each other
  • Play some Youtube videos for meditation music and inspirational messages.
  • Talk about the message, or anything else about life (life lessons, insights, struggles, discoveries, questions)

An outlet meeting serves as a good alternative to traditional church (high costs of paying a full-time minister, high costs of building rental). Offerings can be given to support a more worthy cause – like helping the poor, fatherless, and widows.

Zaxxun Party (once a quarter) 

This is a top-level assembly of community and business leaders to discuss the Zaxxun Creed in and its applications in the context of their locality and politics. It is hosted by one of the Zaxxun entities. Several keynote speakers give short (15-min max) speeches to start the forum. Smaller discussion groups brainstorm on new ideas and proposals, which are presented at the end of the meeting. A good opportunity to create valuable contacts and linkages among Zaxxun entities, the best people to partner with.  Food is on a potluck basis for minimal preparations/cost.

Zaxxun Day (once a year) – aka “Freedom from Corruptors” Day

This is a world-wide celebration to highlight the fall of corruptors in the land. Done in the morning – culminating in an 11-second count-up to 11:11:11 A.M. The battle cry is carried out by a unified recitation of the Zaxxun Creed. A grand picture-taking of all attendees (crusaders of anti-corruption in the community) is done to commemorate the day. Everything ends with potluck lunch.

If the day lands on a weekday for a given year, Zaxxun adherents are encouraged to take the morning off to attend this important event.

Zaxxun Summer Camp

For kids, camping is one of the most memorable experiences to look back to when they become adults. It brings a special opportunity for reflection, communion with God and nature, and fun and bonding with family and friends (otherwise not available in concrete jungle urban areas with too much modern distractions like TV and internet). Organize with a few family friends, pitch a tent and light up a bonfire to cook food the unconventional way while telling stories and sharing each other’s inner thoughts to everyone.

In the afternoon, a hike into the woods and down into the banks of a river or the shoreline of a lake brings a sense of adventure. In the following morning, there can be a time of physical exercise and games. Let kids experience the challenge of starting the fire; in this way they gain confidence to succeed and hone their inborn resourcefulness.

Make the weekend summer camp gathering the church itself – remember, church is not the building, but the community of God’s people. It is a low-cost alternative to traveling far and booking expensive hotels. Be creative, and don’t be too rigid on programs. Ironically, camping can be tiring physically but very recharging to the soul. And remember to bring everything on your checklist ‘coz 7-11 might not be around in the middle of a forest.



(1) Love and Time (pdf) – Discussion material for Zaxxun Outlet Assembly (2014Q4)

(2) If Questions (pdf) – “What if” scenario ice-breaker questions for starting a Zaxxun Outlet Assembly (2015Q3)

(3) New Lessons from Christmas (pdf) – Christmas lessons applied to launching a movement (2015Q4)








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