Zaxxun entities include any organization, product manufacturer, service provider, educational/research institution, agency, or individual that adheres to the Zaxxun Creed.

Zaxxun entities are bound by the common passion for the eradication of corruption and incompetence in every level of society. Zaxxun entities encourage their members to adhere to the creed on a personal level by exhibiting it in their mindset and lifestyle 24/7.

By enlisting to be a Zaxxun entity, you are joining in the world-wide effort of demolishing the cancer that has plagued many societies – bringing about poverty, crime, and injustice.

To be enlisted as a Zaxxun entity, please send your establishment name, website link, and short description to our e-mail address: zaxxun@gmail.com.

The following are major entity concepts that are available for establishment:

  • Zaxxun Fashion Brand
  • Zaxxun Techno-Design Institute (School)
  • Zaxxun Design and Research Institute
  • Zaxxun Electronics
  • Zaxxun Food Industries
  • Zaxxun Services Portal
  • Zaxxun Software Design Solutions
  • Zaxxun Form-Bank
  • Zaxxun Hotel
  • Zaxxun Restaurant
  • Zaxxun Mall
  • Zaxxun Motors / Automotive
  • Zaxxun Housing
  • Zaxxun Digital Arts
  • Zaxxun Productions
  • Zaxxun Hospital
  • Zaxxun Pharmaceuticals
  • Zaxxun Publishing / Bookstore
  • Zaxxun Aerospace
  • Zaxxun City
  • Zaxxun Party (political)
  • Zaxxun Ministries / Zaxxun Business and Bible Institute (School)

These entities are up for the grabs. Be a part of creating the largest brand in the world.



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