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A Healthy Fear

It’s a brand new year! And we wish to face it with optimism and hope. Whatever our destination may be, we would like to get there. That’s the definition of success. Life is like a car running on four wheels. For the car to successfully get to its destination efficiently, all four wheels need to […]

Who Created God?

Okay, let’s touch on a topic that many atheists would like to have a satisfactory answer on – the question of who created God. In almost any debate pitting atheists against those who adhere to the existence of the Almighty Creator God, the atheist draws out his final Ace card on the question of God’s […]

The Best Things are Free


There has always been a prevailing view of success as being defined by the concept of ownership. Ned Dougherty in his book “Fast Lane to Heaven” said that prior to his death experience his motto was “He who dies with the most toys, wins!” But that all changed after his skirmish with the common enemy […]

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