Zaxxun is fundamentally a Bible-believing umbrella organization, but with no affiliation to any specific Christian group or sect.

Nowadays, Christianity comes in many flavors. To claim to be a Christian is already too diluted, and does not even guarantee one is a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, many predominantly Christian nations are among the most corrupt, poor, incompetent countries in the world, characterized by a high crime rate, general lack of discipline and low quality of service.

So a better question is “What type of Christian are you?” Just as there are numerous brands of cars, there are many brands of Christians. To be a Zaxxun Christian is a choice you can make.

Zaxxun embodies the best of professional values and ethical behavior adopted in world-class businesses and societies (esp. exhibited by highly disciplined cultures like the Japanese and Germans) + the beliefs, mindset and attitudes of genuine Bible-believing followers of Christ.

A Zaxxun (Zaxxun-creed adherent) is basically an honest, clean, disciplined, and innovative person. Zaxxuns will not bend a rule for a bribe. In essence, a Zaxxun is the embodiment every manager’s wish list for an excellent employee and any mayor’s wish list for a model citizen.

Below are some of the basic beliefs and mindset characteristic of Zaxxuns:

1. Zero-tolerance for corruption and incompetence.

2. Cleanliness and order; a desire to realize beauty by reflecting more of nature and less of man-made things. Abhors the sight of shanty-like housing, poor drainage, vandalism, littering, and smelly toilets. Patiently takes his turn in the queue.

3. Honesty and a genuine desire to provide excellent service to others (not just to customers, but to fellow employees, family and friends).

4. Masters of logic (aka common sense). Always asks why a practice is done the way it is, and if it can be done more efficiently.

5. Foresight. Always asks the “what if” questions before doing something.

6. Comes on time – so as not to waste other people’s time. Starts a meeting on time – so as to teach people a lesson.

7. Respect for intellectual property. Does not buy/use pirated software or content. Not paying content makers because they are already rich is no different from not paying for a burger because McDonald’s is already wealthy. If one cannot afford it, he does not deserve to use it.

8. Responsible voting. Does not vote for a candidate who is publicly known to not exhibit the Zaxxun creed (tainted by corruption scandals, does not exhibit a clean, orderly and disciplined lifestyle).

9. Unity. Great team player. Cooperative, without complaining. Sacrificing personal gain and glory for the greater good of the group.

10. Belief in the existence of God the Creator, and in the 6-day Creation account in Genesis. Evolution operating on mere physical processes/elements (wind, heat,gravity, radiation, electrostatics) on chemicals without the involvement of a mind (designer) is considered an impossible explanation for how digital information is embedded in the DNA to create living body parts via RNA-based protein synthesis. This is covered in more detail in the Abstraphysics page of this site.

11. Memorizes and regularly recites scripture, esp. the Lord’s prayer, Psalm 23, the 10 commandments, the Shema (greatest commandment), and salvation passages.

12.  Converses with God in quiet places, and journals what he/she hears in the process.


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