Zaxxun’s best ads are you – our valued Zaxxun adherents and entities.

We want to build an army of Zaxxun marketers who will provide maximum public awareness of the Zaxxun Creed, while at the same time showcasing what it is like to be a Zaxxun.

Some of our best lines and themes

  • Zaxxun inside (like the Intel swirl) and out
  • Zaxxun Transformer (futuristic robotic theme) … of Society
  • – pointer to the Zaxxun website
  • Zaxxun Creed – medieval theme
  • Zaxxun – Incorruptible
  • Zaxxun – Unlimited
  • Solid Zaxxun
  • I’m a Zaxxun. B12 (with Flick sign).
  • Flick sign

T-shirt drive

A Zaxxun shirt is known to be “the hardest shirt to wear”. You will be talk of the town if you wear one. Caution – Zaxxuns are the most sought after husband/wife material.


Promote the Zaxxun brand

Create a wearable product: hats, bags, shoes, clothing – riddled with high-visibility Zaxxun Creed slogans. The Zaxxun name and logo – are use all you can.

Window and Bumper stickers

One of the best ways to get anyone’s undivided attention: have them look to your bumper while stuck in traffic. They won’t have a choice.

Billboard/Newspaper ads

The well proven road towards visibility. Bring the crowds to join in on the next big thing.

Social Networks

Flash out the flick sign (see Fall of the Twin Towers (11/11) article) in photos of you and friends. One of the best ways to proclaim you’re a Zaxxun too.

Phil Ads:












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