Month: February 2015

Vision 20/20

Staying fit and having a good physique speaks much about the type of mind you carry. Zaxxun stands for a mindset of discipline. And one of the best indicators of a disciplined man or woman is a person’s health and physical wellness. Zaxxun logic dictates that one should not take in more calories than he/she […]

Fundamentals of Graphics

Gaining new knowledge and skills is a good investment. As the Zaxxun Creed reverberates… “Knowledge is power”. Although a well known cliche, it is a tried and proven differentiator between the successful and the losers. Technology evolves at such a fast rate. The knowledge, skills and tools learned from a school will likely be obsolete a […]

Fundamentals of Logic (IF-THEN)

Did you know that many of the problems and predicaments people suffer in life can actually be avoided? However, we see a vast majority of humanity wallowing in their own self-inflicted miserable situations. Why do people endure so much unnecessary hardships when all it actually takes to avert  them is the simple application of just a […]

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